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Buzău is not subdivided into any lower units, but local authorities guide their projects and strategies according to an informal division by districts.

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Additionally, at national level, Buzău is the headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Division Getica; former 2nd Romanian Armyone of the three divisions that make up the Aparat de potrivire pentru adulți mobil Land Forces[59] as well as three battalions under its command— one of engineers, one of signals, [60] and one of logistics.

Near the city, in the village of Bobocthere is a military aviation school.


The highest court functioning in the city is the Buzău Tribunal, with authority over the entire county. The old market town tradition is still preserved in the Drăgaica fair, held every June around Midsummerbringing together small producers and merchants from diverse regions of Romania. The agricultural reform during Alexandru Ioan Cuza taxi dating some of the Bulgarian gardeners to rent in și some land acquired by the state from the bishopric. The developed a distribution network for their produce both in Buzău, and in other nearby cities such as BrașovPloieștior Râmnicu Sărat.

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Their activity became even more lucrative after the land reform of Towards the end of that century, the development of a Romanian railway network made Buzău one of its important hubs and pushed the small craftsmen's shops to evolve into industrial installations.

The first such facility was the Garoflid mill, open inthat worked also as a cloth factory. After a dramatic nationwide decrease caused by the First World War the output was a quarter of the one in [71]the industrial development picked up steam during the interbellum.

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One of the main components of the local industry was milling. The first industrial mill in taxi dating city, Garoflid, renamed Zangopol after its new owner, had reached a capital of 5 million lei in and, 30 de million inwhile the company that operated it had around employees.

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Metallurgy and Foundryfounded in with a capital of over 9 million lei. Although it had an initially difficult period, as it was closed during the Great Depressionit was reopened inonly to be closed again in andduring World War II.

It was the location of the city's most important factories that were developed at the time: the Steel Wire and Steel Taxi dating Products Enterprise afterDuctilthe Railway Machinery Enterprise afterApcaromMetalurgica the one founded inthe Glass and Windows Factory afterGerom S. The "Contactoare" electrical relays factory in Buzău Other facilities were located in other parts of the city, such as the Contactors Enterprise, in the North-East, and the Plastic Works afterRomcarbon S.

Despite the forced industrialization, Buzău was spared from becoming dependent on a single industry, and there was no single point of failure for the city's economy.

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According to the new law of commerce ofthat came after the fall of Communismthese factories were organised as state-owned companies, and were privatised.

Taxi dating of them survived the transition to a market economyas many of them thus became viable. Present economy[ edit ] Currently, the largest Buzău-based company is Romet, a holding company made up of multiple firms that produse isolation materials for water and gas pipes, water filters, fire extinguishers and other related products. Taxi dating was successful in the s, with the Aquator home water purifier.

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Init also acquired Aromet S. Apcarom S. The steel wire, welded metal net, concrete and iron works became Ductil Steel S. The same survey showed that most of the labor force in the city came from within the county, as Buzău is the center of a highly rural, compact and densely populated area.

The city was found to be in competition with larger cities for the labor force from other counties, a feature it shares with Alexandria.

The proximity of Bucharest makes Buzău itself a source of internal migration, thus orbiting the capital city. Buzău is the second city closely after Ploieștia city with almost double the populationby the number of employees in Bucharest coming from other cities between and ; the survey points out that this has been a disadvantage, but might become an opportunity in the future.


The city railway station was open inalong with the Bucharest-Galați railway. This road connects the city to Ploiești. It leads South to Țintești.

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