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Hopefully this tutorial will demonstrate how do i draw stuff in general, not just Saruman which i took it as an example along with its background and of course i'll explain it down below each step used: STEP 1: Simple Sketch Just circles and sticks lotr dating site the actual character pose then do the same thing with the background.

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Not that hard at all lol. I actually start the character's pose from face to body clothing first, then remaking the background sketch.

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Depending on what kind of background i choose, i can delete or redraw certain lines to my liking. With the black marker i did the outline while the sketch itself remains intact for now. Always the character first, then background comes in second.

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However in some cases, where there are special effects like fire, water etc. Obviously the eraser won't erase the permanent black marker.

Just fill it with colors however you like, from markers or pencils.

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It doesn't matter now if the character or the background should be first thing to do. If i want a certain lighting effect just select a specific color then fade it from dark to light.

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In this final step i added another layer over the first colored phase which in some moments both colors can combine and gets a neat result or a bad goof if i don't want that to happen. But that's not the case of panicking, just go for it cause not everyone was born to draw. And thats it!

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Check it here for just the final artwork result: aceofspeed