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Chapter II relates to trade unions. Workers shall be free to establish and join trade unions which must be certified by the Minister of Labor.

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Members of trade unions shall not be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, religion, politics or social status s. Chapter III concerns collective bargaining and collective agreements. Collective agreements shall not have a term of effectiveness for more than two years, and where an agreement applies to more than half of the workers of one type of employment at a iconosquare dating, it shall apply to the other workers of that particular type of employment as well.

In addition, the Minister of Labor may decide that where a collective agreement applies to more than two-thirds of workers employed in the same kind of job in one geographic area, that agreement shall also apply to other workers employed in similar jobs within the same area s.

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Chapter IV covers industrial action. Inter alia, proscribes industrial action by persons employed in defense related industries, and prohibits the hiring of replacement workers during a strike.


Employers may conduct a lock-out once a strike has been commenced. Chapter V regards adjustment of labour disputes, including mediation and arbitration, and special procedures for industrial action in essential services.

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The Minister of Labor may make an emergency adjustment during an industrial action in the public sector, during which any strike shall be suspended. Chapter VI deals with unfair labour practices and prohibits dismissal of employees for participating in trade unions or industrial action.

Amended by Act No. Consolidated text available. The Commission shall be responsible for the adjustment of industrial disputes which fall under its jurisdiction. Covers composition of the Commission, qualification requirements of its members, and powers of the Commission to investigate.

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Available in English, consolidated. The Council shall be composed of an equal number of members representing labor and management. Specifically, the Council shall decide on matters related to, inter alia, improvement of productivity, recruitment, training and placement of workers, occupational safety and health, wage and payment of wages, hours of work and rest periods, employee's stock ownership and profit sharing, and welfare of workers.

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Businesses and workplaces shall also designate Grievance Handling Members who shall deal with workers' grievances and report to the Council. A Central Consultative Body among Workers, Employers and the Government shall be established to consult on general labor issues such as industrial relations, employment, and national industry.

Chapter I prohibits discrimination and the use of force or violence against workers.

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The Act locul de muncă dating apprenti not apply to workplaces with fewer than 5 employees or businesses which employ only relatives living together or domestic workers. Chapter II covers labour contracts, including part-time contracts. Prohibits locul de muncă dating apprenti dismissal and dismissal due to medical reasons or maternity, and prescribes procedures to be followed for dismissals due to structural reasons.

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Also prohibits interference with employment blacklisting. Chapter V relates to women and minors.

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Young persons under the age of 15 are prohibited from working; those between 15 and 18 shall be certified as to age and consent of legal guardian. Women under the age of 18 shall not work in employment which is detrimental to their health or "morality;" they shall furthermore not work at night, in a pit, or over a certain number of hours.

Entitles women to one day a month of menstruation leave, 60 days of maternity leave, and nursing time. Employers hiring more than 30 persons under the age of 18 shall provide education facilities.

Penal provisions are contained in Chapter XII. Article 2 5 and 24 contain a list of activities or businesses prohibited to young persons.