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This datasets contains measures of soil thaw depth from permafrost in subarctic Canada.

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Soil thaw depth was measured in and in sites from Yukon and Northwest Territories. Data includes the location within the UK, the length and width of the line transect on each site, and how long the transect has been monitored. The number of sites monitored each year has increased to over a thousand since There is turnover in sites monitored each year and details of the first and last dating în medway kent in which each site was surveyed are given.

The majority of site data is provided by recorders at the time a transect is created. The majority of these recorders are volunteers. Where Grade 3 is mapped this includes the subdivision of Grade 3 into subgrades 3a and 3b. Surveys use the current grading methodology as described in "Agricultural Land Classification of England and Wales," a link for which is provided with the data. Individual sites have been mapped at varying scales and level of detail fromtotypicallyUnedited sample point soils data and soil pit descriptions are also available for some surveys.

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Attribution statement: © Natural England copyright. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right [year].

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APRA assumed responsibility for the supervision and regulation of banks on 1 July Data prior to that date were submitted to the RBA. Up to and including Junedata are averages of weekly Wednesday figures. From Julydata are for the last business day of every month. The data, dating from Aprilare derived from ARF ARF Australian branches and subsidiaries of foreign businesses are regarded as Australian residents. Foreign branches and subsidiaries of Australian businesses are regarded as non-residents.

From April este olivia dating cassidy, this item includes both Australian dollar- and foreign currency-denominated AUD equivalent deposits.

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Certificates of deposit relate to both residents and non-residents. From Aprilthis item includes both Australian dollar- and foreign currency-denominated AUD equivalent bill acceptances. From Aprilthis item includes: Australian dollar- and foreign currency-denominated AUD equivalent other borrowings; securities sold under agreements to repurchase; promissory notes and commercial paper; other short-term debt securities; bonds; notes; and long-term borrowings. From Aprilthis item includes: dating în medway kent due to clearing houses and due to financial institutions in relation to the payments system; income tax liabilities; provisions for dividends, employee entitlements, non-lending losses, restructuring costs and other; creditor and related liabilities; and loan capital and hybrid securities.

Note that, from Aprilthis item also includes: accrued interest not yet payable; inter-branch transfers; and unrealised losses on trading derivatives — prior to that date, these were excluded.

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No data is available yet for the fifth criteria, Representativeness. Attributes associated with each criteria are identified within each catchment of interest, in this case the Hunter Central Rivers.

Available data must have spatialinformation such as coordinates, dating în medway kent polygons that can be intersected by the key stream layer based on River Styles® river reaches. Depending on the criteria, attributes are weighted according to sensitivity to flow.

Some attributes associated with the Distinctiveness criteria are also weighted according to threat status and the certainty or confidence surrounding the occurrence of each record.

dating în medway kent

Scores are determined for each attribute in each criteria and are normalised to provide outcomes that range between 0 -1, where 1 represents the highest possible HEVAE outcomes for each river reach segment. This provides a focus for where water sharing rules should be developed to minimise the impact of water extraction on instream values. Updates will occur to criteria such as Diversity Fish diversityDistinctiveness threatened bird speciesand Vital Habitat Large woody debris and Dissolved Organic Carbon as the data becomes available.

Outputs will guide the development of wateraccess and trading rules being developed for NSW water sharing plans.

Flow sensitivity weightings were applied dating în medway kent all attributes, ranging from 1 to 4, with 4 indicating the highest sensitivity or reliance on river flow. Scores for each attribute and each criteria are normalised to enable scores to be allocated between 1 and 0, where 1 is the highest best outcome. Categories are determined and plotted on maps and can be either 3 or 5 categories.

Three categories enable outcomes similar to the low, medium and high outcomes derived for macro water sharing plans, while five categories provide a greater level of range in outcomes within a catchment.

Diversity: Macroinvertebrate Family data is used for Macroinvertebrate. Miller pers. Data was collected at specific sites between and Macroinvertebrate scores were derived and placed into 4 diversity categories based on the number of Families recorded at each site.

Data was derived from a State-wide sampling program dataset, with sampling occurring between January and Biodiversity scores were derived from the dating în medway kent, and placed into 4 fish diversity scores between 0 to 1 highest.

Site-based scores are associated with the river reach where sampling occurred andupstream and downstream River Styles® category. If there was uncertainty about the occurrence of a threatened species,populations or endangered ecological communities, additional information eg Profile of Final Determinations on each relevant website was also inspected.

dating în medway kent

In addition to applying weightings of flow sensitivity, weightings related to threat status, and accuracy of record were also applied. Rare River Styles® were determined using the expert assessment by a river geomorphologist of the presence by total reach length or proportion of lengths of each River Style® category in proximity to strategic recovery reaches, the potential of overall River Style® to recover, level of isolation and representation of a particular attribute.

Naturalness: Initially, five attributes were used to report on naturalness, however the macroinvertebrate condition outcomes were removed due to the spurious outcomes this dataset influenced in the naturalness outputs. Flow sensitivity weightings of 1 are applied to each of the four remaining attributes. Attributes used in these criteria include: Geomorphic condition - was reported based on the mapped recovery potential outcomes of river reaches, that are closest to unimpaired or easily recoverable to natural conditions.

Mudlarking HORRID HILL (yes it's a real place) and exploring INSIDE shipwrecks!

Hydrologic Stress - data is derived originally from the macro water sharing plan hydrologic stress assessment, and later from the River Condition Index Risk analysis. Hydrologic stress in the Hunter-Central Rivers region was calculated using two process, i distributed hydrologic stress for most of the catchment and ii macro water sharing plan hydrologic stress for the remainder, mostly smaller coastal catchment areas.

CDI outcomes were derived from three sources: i infrastructure eg. Roads, railways, utilities Where the National Park estate polygon intersected a stream with a 50m buffer either sidea score of 1 was applied to the river reach.

dating în medway kent

Remaining river reach scores were a 0. A 50m buffer along the River Styles stream line was used to intersect and vital habitat wetlands above the tidal limit. This was calculated by adding together the final weighted and normalised scores for each criteria Naturalness, Diversity and Distinctiveness - no Vital Habitat wetlands detected so not included in final computations.

Bebeluși între 0 și 2 an i [inclusiv] Şedere gratuită dacă sunt folosite paturile existente. Copii între 3 și 12 ani [inclusiv] Trebuie să folosiţi patul suplimentar Paturile suplimentare pot fi solicitate direct de la locul de cazare; se pot percepe costuri adiționale Oaspeții de 13 ani sau mai mari sunt considerați adulți Paturile suplimentare pot fi solicitate direct de la locul de cazare; se pot percepe costuri adiționale Altele Proprietatea va contacta direct turiştii pentru a oferi instrucţiuni despre check-in. Turiştii trebuie să prezinte un act de identitate emis de autorităţi de exemplu paşaport, carte de identitate, permis de conducere la check-in. Proprietatea nu acceptă rezervări de grup pentru mai mult de 16 persoane.

This score was then normalised by divided by the maximum combined HEVAE score for the whole Hunter Central Rivers river reaches to provide an even spread of score outcomes between 0 lowest and 1 highest. Bioregional Assessment Source Dataset.

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Adopted Flood Regulation Line 2. Urban Catchment Flow Paths 4.

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Indicative and Subject to Further Detailed AssessmentOverlays provide a secondary organisational layer in the planning scheme and are based on special attributes of land that need to be protected, or that may constrain development. Data updated on changes to Scheme. Both venues offer a range of entertainment and special events and provide an environment to further develop performing arts in Townsville and the North.

This dataset includes the number of performances and ticket sales for our Performing Arts venues.