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Lampa NOS ( Tub ) US made 6BK11

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How does dating magnatone ammpss sound in the lower power modes? Get my Freddie King on!! Vaughtex Acum 4 ore When is this pedal out? A VM Acum 4 ore Is the volume taper better than on the first version?

Tony s Acum 4 ore How do I set the overall output level of the pedal so there isn't massive differences between presets. This pedal sounds totally awesome!! I dating magnatone ammpss a bit of Steely Dan in there OK I see others said the same! Thomas Swan Acum 10 ore Good demo, impressive pedal dating magnatone ammpss well played. Would've been helpful to hear the Tone rolled off more to hear if that would reduce the fizz somewhat to align with more true Plexi tone.

Andrew K Acum 10 ore Awesome playing as per usual mate. Andrew K Acum 10 ore Nice demo Burgs. What's your favourite pedal for the other way around, making a Fender amp sound more Marshallesque!?!

Signal Chain Acum 12 ore Another exceptional demo Brett! Great player combined with good tastes and here you're! Merci pour dating magnatone ammpss Jerry Vanderecken Acum 15 ore Sounds wonderful! I already own the British version and now I can't wait to receive this from Amazon. Robert Z Acum 20 ore Great playing, really nice guitar. Has anyone ever bought a bad PRS? Lovely pedal, demo, and of course playing. Spencer Morgan Acum o Zi Thank you for demoing the analog delay with drive in front of it!

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It's so hard to find demos of delay pedals that do that. Actually best thru a modern Fender. They sound like crap thru a Plexi. In the end with the buckers, remind me a little of Joe Bonassa "tweed era" and almost a little of robben ford.

Really nice pedal, and great range of tones, mid boost, mid scoop, high gain and low gain.

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I never really hear these things until after the stress of filming and mixing and editing and all that crap is over. Then, I listen and watch the video, maybe twice over to make sure everything's cool, and suddenly I hear Happens a lot. Pleasant surprises and very indicative of the different perception we have between working and listening. Rock on, Andre. Nice catch. All the best to you. I love aftermath and royal flush Brian Acum o Zi I finally snagged one of these.

Excited to play it. Jesustr0n Acum o Zi Have these been released yet? They're impossible to find in stock! Gobi Pup Acum o Zi Brushed my teeth listening to that. It worked. I would like to know if you ate planning a tour of our little country and when?

I wish I could visit- anywhere! At the moment my part dating magnatone ammpss the world is firmly locked down for civilians like me. I hope the end of that arrangement is in sight soon. Andrew K Acum o Zi Nice demo and playing mate!

I have a lot of wahs, but they're all playing up, I must wear them out with the Funk! Hmm may Need another one now. Thanks Burgs. Jeremy White Acum 2 Zile Pretty cool!! Robert Pajkovski Acum 2 Zile It will take 3 hours getting through the presets. Ended up getting a Peterson and I'm glad I did because it was very accurate when setting up the intonation on my guitar.

Brett Kingman Acum 2 Zile Yeah, they're really reliable when it dating magnatone ammpss to accuracy needs. I've used the iStroboSoft app for years for the same thing and it never lets me down. I also use it when tuning monitors on big stages: If there's some unwanted feedback or resonance I simply fire up the phone and iStroboSoft, change the dating magnatone ammpss reading to Hz bottom right of the App and let the monitor or house guy know exactly what the problem frequency is.

They can then notch it out quickly and confidently and the job's done. Lots of them have since purchased the app for the same application. It's the little things! Joseph Rodriguez Acum 2 Zile dude this pedal is overdrive oh distortion? Shane Stevens Acum 2 Zile Is the volume on this pedal supposed to go up and up and up when is goes into self oscillation?

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It does on mine and makes it unusable. The Artist Formerly Known As. Acum 2 Zile Criminally underrated guitar. I'll get this instead.

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Good Funk! Stephen Smith Acum 3 Zile Great demo. And it showcases all the features nicely.

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Superb unit. Kyce Essadki Acum 3 Zile anyone else thinks it sounds too univibey? Bruhda Martinasty Acum 3 Zile That was an excellent review! I was actually told by Ari Hotone nice guy! My latest inquiry to Hotone has gone unanswered!

I am sad…Very sad about this. Keep rocking Brett! Your soulful playing impeccable phrasing esp is what i strive for in my own playing! I'm hoping I haven't jumped the gun by releasing this video early, but in my own defence, I wasn't advised otherwise. Most major companies don't work on weekends unlike me! Hold tight.!

Sixfoursoul Acum 3 Zile Dam Great playing Brett!

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Would it work well dating magnatone ammpss a preamp pedal in front such as a Victory Kraken for some heavy stuff? Your playing which is very good Ive recently got rid of a HXstomp which had tons of upside but Boss Zoom Vox Fender Which one??? Brett Kingman Acum 3 Zile Haha. Good on you, Scott!

Lampa NOS ( Tub ) US made 6BK11

Scott Mac Acum 3 Zile and love the disco retro feel of the track. Marc Coté Acum 3 Zile I have the first gen version red and quite like it. I've used it as a wah and a volume pedal. I tried it as an expression pedal, too, and it worked well but I haven't needed that function yet in a show situation.

The gen 2 sounds like it might even be a better wah than mine. Good demo, Brett. Musician Preneur Acum 3 Zile I like the light meters that appear while pressed.

Paul Smith Acum 3 Zile Tone heaven! Ankur Phukan Acum 3 Zile What are your view regarding playing the 80s and 90s rock and heavy metal music in this processor??

Sasha Rep Acum 4 Zile killer playing brett! I really don't get tired of wah. If I was in the market for a new wah, this would certainly be high on the list and I didn't know this existed prior to your demo.

So, thank you! Very sweet. Yep the Q control would be excellent, and the warm wah tone. All versions I see are the first. The difference seems to be the additional functionality such as sweep adjustments q controlwhich I think are very useful.

Otherwise original version is rather cheap currently. I just didn't notice that, was listening to the playing etc.

Celestion Alnico Gold 12",15 Ohm

I can find the original just checked I'll have a look online and see if I can find version II. And he mentioned he might've jumped the gun on posting a review, so it may not be out yet? I really just searched the brand and then found the wah here. Where did you find it? Jason noonzio Acum 4 Zile That's a ripper. Il be getting one. Brett Kingman Acum 4 Zile Great, isn't it? Extraordinarily well appointed with sounds to match.

Can't fault this one. Guitarist Acum 4 Zile Is there much difference in tone between this and the regular version? Don Tony Acum 4 Zile muy buena la demostración, que gusto escucharte. Videoclip online.