Bathing lent dating.

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Kiryu saw a guy get scouted out for a larger sum of money which was going to be bathing lent dating next manager for Four Shine. Yuki mistakes Kiryu for being that guy and pulls him into the club.

bathing lent dating

When Koyuki tells Yuki that it's the wrong guy, they insist on having Kiryu help them run the place as they are in desperate need of help! Kiryu accepts and decides to help them out.

bathing lent dating

Menu This is the menu once you get started. Here you can see which girls are on a break, if you have new items, if you have new girls, if there's a championship available, who your most valuable hostess is, which league you are in and how many fans you have.

bathing lent dating

Don't worry about a top S effort, this is just a taste test of what's to come. So just give it your all and don't mind the result!

Just enter the game right away, nothing to lose. The play area This is where you are able to see each table and the hostess list to your left.

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These six tables will be the only tables you'll ever have which means that you can easily move around between tables. Selecting hostess Select a hostess from the list to your left to place them at a table.

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You can see which hostess they prefer the most by looking at dating elkington silver plate guest's "mood". If the hostess is adequately matching the requirements that the customer is looking for then they will be happy.

bathing lent dating

Hostesses that are opposite to what they want will put their mood down or keep it neutral. Don't worry, you still have a chance to up their mood a bit by playing nicely with them! You can also judge how important the hostess qualities are by looking at their wealth.

bathing lent dating

Poor customers will almost always be fine with any hostess that only matches the criteria just a little bit while richer customers will have higher demands. Result screen After a shift you will see the results from the night and how it went.

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It tells you how many fans you've gathered and how much money you've made. There's also the bathing lent dating fee that you must pay after each shift which is something to be careful about when doing championships as it might cause you to lose a battle.

You can also see the cost of presents Gifts which is an option for both customers and hostesses if you would like to increase their mood during a shift or get more fans.

bathing lent dating

Leveling up After each shift you will level up your used hostesses to increase their stats which will help you with tougher customers and allows your hostesses to last longer without a rest.