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Its sea basin is an important resource for fisheries and is part of a key sea route for the transport of goods between central and southern Africa and the rest of the world. Its geo-political and geo-economic importance has grown since it has become a strategic hub in global and regional energy trade.

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Every day, nearly 1 fishing vessels, cargo ships and tankers navigate its waters. The security of this The security of this maritime area is threatened by the rise of piracy, illegal fishing, and other maritime crimes.

Regional actors have committed to cooperate on tackling the issue through the 'Yaoundé Code of Conduct' and the related cooperation mechanism and bodies.

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The international community has also pledged to track and condemn acts of piracy at sea. The European Union EUwhich has a strong interest in safeguarding its atlantic online dating trade and in addressing piracy's root causes, supports regional and international initiatives.

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The EU is also implementing its own maritime security strategy, which includes, among other features, a regional component for the Gulf of Guinea; this entails EU bodies' and Member States' cooperation in countering acts of piracy, as well as capacity-building projects.