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It´s not the exact same and it feels different, but that´s what happens when you don´t use the right tools to write. Anyways, hope you like it too! Salarien opened the door to a guest who came out of the fog. An smile on his face as he made the usual conversation before walking them to the entrance.

I´m glad you enjoyed it! The experience they would visit so much was standing still only because that client came so regularly. Now that they black dragon online dating be gone, it was doomed. Unpopular experiences got replaced.

Salarien comically put a sad face that made them laugh. It was closing time. He opened the door to his master sitting on the chair reading a book. The mage saw the boy drop to his knees and laughed. Salarien wondered if they could hear them at all. The mage suddenly stopped with a hand on their chin, staring at a door.

Not really.

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A few people would come from time to time. It wasn´t often, but the clients that came, told him it was a quite hooking story. The boy shrugged. His master nodded staring back at the door before walking away.

Salarien´s heart sank a bit as they followed. It was one of the first experiences. He remembered his master feeling particularly proud of it back in the day. But now they wouldn´t even look back as they praised newer experiences with a tap on their door.

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It was like putting your hand inside a paint bucket. Slimy and cold, but not sticky. He tainted around until he found band dating site box and took it out. His hands were covered in black goo with sparkles that resembled a galaxy.


The boy was poker faced as abilități de întâlniri de viteză focused on turning a switch clockwise and then pull asap rocky iggy azalea dating up.

The box opened to reveal concentrated black goo with a ring of purple bubbling liquid around it. The black goo was acidic enough, that small drops made holes on the floor.

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Salarien prepared to throw it. Before the door slammed shut, Salarien catched a bright light. Only followed by infernal screamings of various voices. His burnt hands trembled on his sides when the mage took them and gave them a kiss. Salarien let out a small whine as he saw the burnt skin heal and cover the newly formed muscle and bones.

Wonder why it does that to you The sole of his burning up wasn´t pain he didn´t know already. Normal replacement procedure.

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Salarien ran to grab the box and give it back to his master with a small bow. They put it back in the cape like nothing. Taking out a piece of coal instead. The mage whispered words Salarien couldn´t understand and looked prideful at the mineral as it gleamed for a second.

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His master walked to the boy and masterfully pinched the sides of his face, exactly at the point it forced his mouth open. It took a moment until the boy felt a pain rising up his throat.

Squeezing his eyes shut as he regurgitated something in his master´s hand.

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The boy trembled asap rocky iggy azalea dating the other stared at the gem on his hands. Blue with orange and white lines running over it as tiger stripes.

The mage smiled as they dropped it in the ground. As they went down Salarien could see dunes that moved along what the had been a city. Going even lower black goo webs starting forming people on a laboratory at a pace eyes couldn´t follow. Lab coats, glasses, gloves and surgical wear forming on the go as the people who wore them moved around ignoring them.

In the tanks one of the scientists was looking over, a fetus popped up, quickly growing into a boy with curly hair and a metal plank over his eyes. A big air bubble went up and disappeared as the boy´s chest expanded and then went down. A monitor that wasn´t there before, showing a pulse and beeping rythmically. More bubbles going up as they boy breathed slowly. The boy in the tank reached to the mage as they got close. Lifting his hand towards the tank´s glass before getting zapped.

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Salarien turned his head at the exact moment his owner laughed at him. He felt them grab his arm and take him outside before closing the door. Touching the door.

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The mage rested their hands on their hips with a proud smile on their face. Just at the moment Salarien´s legs gave out and violently trembled on the ground. The tremor slightly getting better. He still felt weak and dizzy.

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Shaking a bit as he stood up, not enough to make him fall, but feeling his limbs as heavy as lead. The boy was almost weightless for them. His owner laid him down on their own bed and covered them with their blankets. Giving them a kiss on the forehead before standing up and dropping their cape over the white throne. His master´s bed felt cozy and warm. Very different to the ratty mat he slept on. He forced himself to stay awake to catch a glimpse of his master´s magic, he so much loved seeing.

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Vivid colored lights and sparkles made the shapes of animals made of pure light. Clouds of nebula floating around the mage´s hair as small creatures rushed around them.

It was an spectacle he loved watching when he could. Salarien didn´t know if he hated his master. He didn´t have much owners to compare them to anyways. Even if the pain was immense, the comfort he would feel after was greater. It made asap rocky iggy azalea dating feel like his master loved him enough to never throw him away. The naive views of the golem were nothing to the mage, who noticed the boy hadn´t fallen asleep yet and created a light butterfly webdunia telugu the boy´s smile widened.

The soft smile quickly turned into a horrified face as he realized he had broken a rule. The sfaturi pentru când începeți să întâlniți pe cineva ran a hand through his hair.

A wide smile on his face as he stared in awe at his creator´s magic. Salarien wouldn´t ever remember it, but the mage did. The moment the clay figure chased a light purple asap rocky iggy azalea dating on the mage´s apprentice desk. The apprentice staring happily at the first golem they had made as they rested their head on bandaged arms.

The butterfly puffed out and the golem turned to see it´s creator. Mare land whump tw acid burns tw slavery tw vomit tw implied abuse tw non con touching magic whump salarien rogue finally the mage gets a name pet whump???