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Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Part One Rezumat: Aluminum alloys containing lithium are under much scrutiny to perform with expectations that they will improve weight and stiffness critical application even against other aluminum alloys and even carbon-fiber composites.

In recent years, the family of lithium containing aluminum alloys has received much attention because it offers the promise of substantial specific strength and specific stiffness advantages over other commercial 2XXX- and 7XXX-series aluminum alloys and carbon-fiber composites.

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This advantage aluminiu berilium dating them an ideal candidate for weight-critical and stiffness-critical structures for military, space and commercial applications. Most high-strength aluminum alloys used in aircraft structures are mechanically fastened, which has the drawbacks of slow assembly and limitations in joining thin sections.

UNS Designations for Copper and Copper alloys

Fusion welding of lightweight aluminum-lithium alloys has been evaluated by several investigators and has resulted in various degrees of success. However, there exists a critical need to develop new joining methods in order to extend the range of applications for these alloys and to improve the overall performance, durability, damage tolerance and life of safety-critical components and structures.


Furthermore, new joining methods could facilitate use of these alloys in marine hardware, lightweight pressure vessels and lightweight armored vehicles. Magnesium and lithium are the only two elemental additions which, when added to aluminum, have the potential ability to decrease its density.

aluminiu berilium dating

Beryllium also decreases the density of aluminum but it is extremely toxic and dating sider oversigt a health hazard. Lithium is one of the few elements with substantial solubility in aluminum 4. The potential for aluminum alloy density reduction through lithium additions is evident by comparing its atomic weight 6.

The various coppers within this group have different degrees of purity and therefore different characteristics.

Lithium additions to aluminum also cause a significant increase in elastic modulus. The specific modulus modulus of elasticity by weight of an alloy with 2.

aluminiu berilium dating

The higher specific modulus reduces the rate of fatigue crack growth. The decrease in density is far more effective in reducing structural weight than improved strength, modulus, toughness or fatigue resistance.

aluminiu berilium dating

Excellent fatigue and cryogenic toughness properties. Higher stiffness. Superior fatigue crack growth resistance.

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Reduced ductility. Low fracture toughness. Ease of fabrication using conventional equipment and methods. Some operations that generate molten metal, such as flame cutting and welding, are hazardous because of the possibility of explosion if moisture is present.

Aluminum-Lithium Alloys: Part One

These alloys are typically solution-heat-treated and aged in conventional furnace equipment. Disadvantages Tendency to oxidize at elevated temperatures, leading to decreases in Micro-hardness precipitate density material softens Applications 1 Aircraft parts such as leading and trailing edges, access covers, seat tracks and wing skins.

aluminiu berilium dating

Al-Li alloys are used as a substitute for conventional Al alloys in helicopters, rockets and satellite aluminiu berilium dating. Al-Li alloy is a candidate material for the cryogenic tankage of booster systems. These alloys are used in cryogenic applications for example, liquid oxygen and hydrogen fuel tanks for aerospace vehicles.

aluminiu berilium dating